Nylon door handles - Objekta 1 (20)
Door lever set made of Nylon

Objekta 1 (20)

L: 132 H: 70 Gr.: 20 R: 55 mm

L: 132 H: 70 Gr.: 20 R: 55 mm

Door lever set made of Nylon
CF4(9).78.01.21 BB16.0016.0021.0027.0060.0090.00
steel cored handle, round roses
CF4(9).78.01.20 BB9.509.5015.0021.0054.0084.00
alternative but without steel bolt inside the handle, round roses

window handle

silmilarly RALNo.Color
      RAL 30037red
      RAL 90058black
      RAL 80220ddark brown
      RAL 90109white
      RAL 50022blue
      RAL 5011/50132ddark blue
      RAL 7030/70385dark grey
      RAL 60296green
      RAL 80140brown
      RAL 10214yellow
      RAL 30077ddark red
      RAL 60126ddark green
On Request
      RAL 602210olive green
      RAL 7032/900211grey white
      RAL 704320grey
      RAL 901615white

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