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In 1995, Mr. Matthias Koehn – MBA, established C&F Koehn Design. In his company philisophy, Mr. Koehn's foremost goal was: the satisfied customer. Therefore, from the outset, it was of utmost importance to contineously improve the existing products in close co-operation with the manufacturers by giving them the neccessary advice and hints. At the same time,valuable information for enhancing the products, given by customers, architects, craftsmen were used in the quality improvement of the products, so that the installation on the site of the door hardware and bathroom fittings became a pleasure.
Over the years the programme range was enlarged to such an extent that we are able to cater for any needs as to door hardware and bathroom fittings, such as:
Stainless steel special products: Please contact us for your door hardware/sanitary fittings (taps/faucets) requirements. Our export department will provide you with all relevant information and offers.


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